Benefits of Microfibre based Towels for young Children


Most children like an array of water sports and exciting outdoor activities. While some may develop severe fears of the water, others may enjoy it so much that they refuse to come out of it! This is why most children prefer the beach and pool. Besides which, most beaches turn out to be a fun place because of the varied activities children of all age groups can indulge in.

While on a beach children can play on the sand and make castles, play ball games and a lot more, pool side games are also just as exciting for them. When it comes to preparing for a visit to the beach or pool though, it is important for children to have the right gear and accessories. The right choice of towel, clothing and shoes for instance can help protect them while also increasing the fun element in several ways.

For instance, microfibre towelling hooded pool ponchos are a great option for kids who spend a lot of time by the water. Learn more about why and how they make for great accessories below.

fushia star on white microtwl

Softer on the skin

Children have softer, more sensitive skin then do adults. If the products and materials used on them are wisely chosen from the beginning itself, it will help maintain their natural soft texture for longer. Furthermore, rough materials anyway harm the skin over a period of time and should be avoided on young children as much as possible.

Softer materials like cotton or polyester are always good as are microfiber based cloths.

Absorbs water faster

When by the beach or pool, what you need most is a good quality and quick absorbing towel to dry yourself. If you choose a material that takes time to absorb water, it will require more effort and rubbing to clean. Sometimes this itself harms sensitive skin. On the other hand, if you choose to use microfiber cloths, it will help absorb more water, that also at a faster pace.

This will help you save time and also maintain your children’s skin tone.

Cost effective

In the larger scheme of things, microfibre Hooded towels can turn out to be more cost effective because they dry faster and are less expensive than cotton hooded towels, the material is so durable that it makes more sense to invest in microfiber. You won’t need to replace it and buy new ones anytime soon.

Easy to clean and dry

One of the most annoying things about other materials is that it takes time to dry completely when used for beach or pool activities. If you visit the beach regularly or swim often, you will need an array of clothes and accessories that help you stay dry and maintain basic hygiene.

Microfibre offers this and much more. On the whole, it is wise a choice for most utility purposes too. If you want to, you can experiment with hooded pool ponchos and hooded towels.