Ideas on Choosing a Good Kids Poncho Beach Towel

assorted poncho fronts

Poncho towels are large soft towels with a big hole in the centre where the kid can slide his head inside. There are a lot of varieties of these towels in the market so you really have to be clear about your priorities if you want to make a good relevant choice. Whether you are buying kids poncho beach towel for your own kids or gifting them to others, here are a few ideas to get you going.

Do some market research

Like all other consumer items you will find poncho towels are priced higher in the season and heavy discounts are given in the off season on kids poncho beach towel. As a rule it’s good to stock up on poncho towels so you might as well do some solid market research before you make the actual purchase. Ask your friends who have already brought poncho towels for their kids. All major garment retail stores will have good stock as well as specialist sellers of towels.

Another place from where you can get good deals is online shops though quality can become an issue here. Ask friends about reliable vendors or check out user forums comparing vendors of kids poncho beach towels. As a rule you can get cheaper towels online than in physical stores.

Know your own audience

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the fashion preferences of kids. Most of them are very stubborn and they will ultimately reject the kids poncho beach towels if their aesthetic sensibilities are not kept into consideration.

If you are buying these towels for your kids you would know about their personal choices but if you are buying it for other kids then it’s wise to have a little chat with their parents first. Find out their favourite colours, names of favourite cartoon characters and other preferences. Ultimately you would want your gift to be liked so it’s better to do your homework.

Look at important characters

Some poncho towels are meant for pre toddlers and they are basically meant as swaddling clothes. For a toddler you will have the option of purchasing a hooded/ non hooded one. Some kids poncho beach towel will have holes cut out for arms to protrude though. There are towels which come in general oversized versions which can be used for years. You will also find sized versions customised for kids of different ages. You should know what you want before you make your final purchase.

Never compromise on quality

Remember that you are buying towels for kids and they have sensitive delicate skin. Don’t make the mistake of scouting around for the cheapest set of towels that you can find. Ultimately you have to operate within your budget but always buy from a reputed manufacturer where you will be assured of the quality.

Poncho towels are available in organic cloth and ultra sensitive bamboo materials too. If your kid has an allergy problem then it’s better to buy stuff made of natural protective fibre.