Tips on Choosing Kids Accessories for the Beach

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If you are planning a beach vacation one thing you want to avoid at all costs is lugging along tons of baggage. And when you have kids, you really don’t know really where to draw the line as kids will insist on carrying their entire world with them wherever they go!

Things like toys and kids hooded towels mean a lot to them and they will create a ruckus if you insist on leaving something behind. So how do you streamline the packing process without spoiling the mood in the family? A little planning can help you to identify those accessories that must go with you so that you will know what exactly you are carrying for your kids.

Sun Tan Lotion for the Kids

This should be top on your list of accessories as children’s skin can get easily tanned and develop rashes as they are more sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun as compared to adults. Carry as bottle of sun tan lotion or spray as you would require for the duration of your vacation. Most sun tan lotions are packed in compact containers so carrying multiple packs should not be a problem.

Sun Sense Wristband

This is another funky innovative item that kids just love. Sun sense wristbands are just tied around the wrists of kids once you have finished applying the sun tan lotion. Once the band is on, you will never have to worry about when to reapply the lotion again. This is because the colour of the wristband will gradually fade away to a light pink colour as the protective layer of suntan lotion fades away.

Kids Hooded Towels

Carrying all your kids hooded towels is an absolute must if you want the entire family to be happy during your beach vacation. If you have multiple kids chances are that all of them will have their own kids hooded towels. Knowing how particular kids are, you cannot expect one to use the other’s towels and it’s not hygienic either. Moreover, you will need individual kids hooded towels for drying or wrapping each of them so that none of your kids catch a cold and spoil the fun for the entire family.

Kids Cabana

This is another accessory which is a must if you have small children accompanying you at the beach. If you go unprepared and the sun is too strong, you will be unnecessarily exposing your kids to the sun’s harsh rays. Prolonged exposure under direct sunlight can even lead to sunstroke. If you don’t want your beach vacation to turn dangerous, always carry a pop-up cabana that will let in much required cool breeze while blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

Dry Body Wash

You love the beach but hate all that sand that sticks to your body! And when you have kids, you have reasons to hate the sand even more as kids are likely to put that sand into their mouth. Carry a dry body wash which is a wonderfully natural way of brushing off all that sand without much fuss. The dry body wash quickly loosens all the sand particles clinging on to your skin so that you can return to your hotel without any messy sand clinging to your body. This is the best way of ensuring that kids don’t put the sand into their mouth and fall sick as a result.